Old Safes

Diebold Old Safes: How It Was and What It Is Made Of

How It Was – It’s History

Old Safes

Old Safes

• Diebold Safes Company was founded in the year of 1859 by Charles Diebold in Cincinnati Ohio.

• Banks were among the first to be manufactured by the company, safes and vaults were the manufactured products back then.

• It was in the 1870’s when the triple time lock system on the die bold safes was created.

• And in 1890, it was the introduction of yet another great feature, the TNT-proof manganese steel doors.

• And in 1943 Diebold Safe & Lock Company changes name to Diebold, Incorporated

• The turning and most crucial part for the uprising of the die bold safes happen 12 years after it was founded. A great fire in Chicago occurred and surprisingly, all 878 die bold safes not only survived but their contents were intact as well. Then it acquired such reputation of being very strong and indeed wise buy gun safes.

• Now, after decades has passed the die bold maybe considered as an antique safe, but still a very trustworthy, durable and great security safe.

What It Is Made Of – It’s construction

Known for its superb quality and protection, die bold safes used the mortar and plaster of Paris as the two most common materials. But there were also other resources used for the construction of these amazing old safes and were namely:

• Hardened steel created the inner side walls of these safes.

• While for the outer side walls, it was made of heavy boiler plate wrought iron

• Fillings of Franklinite, the hardest mineral ore known at the time containing zinc and manganese

• A combination of alum, alkali and clay is responsible for the creation of fillings of the die bold deposit safes.

• Soft steel rods running both horizontally and vertically were used to reinforce fillings of this antique safe.

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